Developmental Milestones for Early Childhood

Three Months

• Lifts head & shoulders while on stomach
• Turns head side to side while on stomach
• Follows moving toys/faces with eyes
• Grasps
• Wiggles, kicks with arms and legs
• Turns head toward voices, bright colors & lights
• Recognizes bottle/breast
• Responds to your shaking a rattle or bell
• Makes cooing, gurgling sounds
• Smiles back at parents or family members
• Cries when hungry, scared or feeling discomfort

SIX Months

• Reaches for and picks up objects
• Plays with toes
• Helps hold bottle during feedings
• Rolls over
• Sits with little support
• Bounces when held in standing position
• Opens mouth for the spoon
• Imitates familiar actions you perform
• Babbles
• Knows familiar faces
• Laughs and squeals
• Screams when upset
• Smiles at him/herself in the mirror

NINE Months

• Reaches for small things
• Moves toys from one hand to the other hand
• Sits unassisted
• Pulls self to stand or walk by holding onto furniture
• Opens mouth for the spoon
• Imitates familiar actions you perform
• Copies sounds or gestures

twelve Months

• Drinks from cup with help
• Feeds self fi nger foods (raisins)
• Grasps small objects
• Crawls on hands and knees
• Stands alone and takes steps
• Copies sounds & actions you make
• Responds to music with body motion
• Babbles, as if talking
• Says first word
• Recognizes familiar names
• Tries to “talk” with you
• Raises arms to be picked up

Eighteen Months

• Likes to pull, push and dump things
• Pulls off hat, socks and mittens
• Turns pages in a book
• Carries a stuffed animal or doll
• Walks without help
• Identifies object in picture book
• Laughs at silly actions
• Puts a round lid on a round pot
• Says 8-10 words you can understand
• Asks specifi cally for mother or father
• Uses “hi”, “bye” and “please”
• Protests
• Asks for something by pointing or using one word
• Becomes anxious when separated from parent

twenty four Months

• Drinks from a straw
• Feeds him/herself with a spoon
• Bends over to pick up a toy and not fall
• Runs short distances without falling
• Likes to take things apart
• Explores surroundings
• Points to 5-6 parts of a doll
when asked
• Uses 2-3 word sentences
• Says names of toys and people
• Points to hair, eyes and nose when asked
• Throws temper tantrums
• Takes turns playing with other kids

thirty six Months

• Puts clothes on by him/herself
• Walks up steps, alternating feet
• Jumps in place
• Matches circles and squares
• Avoids some dangers, like a hot stove
• Answers simple questions
• Likes to play with other children
• Repeats simple songs
• Uses 3-5 word sentences
• Talks about feelings

forty eight Months

• Holds a marker
• Tries to cut paper with blunt scissors
• Brushes teeth with help
• Uses the bathroom alone
• Catches a bouncing ball
• Understands taking turns
• Wants to know what will happen next
• Distinguishes between real and pretends
• Large vocabulary and good grammar
• Asks direct questions
• Wants to know how and why
• Prefers playing with other children