We Stand Out in the Crowd

Milestone Therapy Services is distinctive in practice and specialization. Unlike other therapy services that are run by business administrators, MTS is owned and operated by therapists. We provide a team approach. This assures you that the care your child receives will be based from over 150 years of combined experience! Our staff of professional therapists works together at every step of the therapy process to give your child the benefit of their extensive experience and training.

Efficiency is The Key

At Milestone, we make the process of starting therapy for your child simple and easy! How can we do this? We have a rigorous 21 day minimum between the doctor’s order and the first therapy visit, and we are successful 90% of the time!

Communication Means Accountability

We believe the best way to ensure a successful relationship with our clients is through effective, comprehensive communication. We employ bilingual therapists and office staff . We will make sure you are always informed of your child’s progress with monthly summaries (also sent to your child’s pediatrician), as well as quarterly quality assurance calls to you. These calls will give you an opportunity to update us with relevant information, such as address or contact information changes, which we will share with your child’s pediatrician if you request. They will also give us a chance to answer any questions you may have. All of this leads to your peace of mind that we are doing the best job possible for your child!

We Offer Treatment in a Variety of Settings

We offer quality services in a variety of settings. Children are seen in the home, as well as area schools, day cares and facilities. We work with your family to determine the best setting for your child. Regardless of the setting, our therapists work to create a warm, welcoming and safe atmosphere to meet your child’s needs. We also work with medically fragile children and our therapists have experience working with children on ventilators.

What Looks Like Simple Fun Yields Great Results

The process of starting specialized therapy can be stressful, particularly for your child. MTS understands this, and makes sure that your family is involved at all levels of the therapy process. We will work with you to determine the best setting and time for your child to receive therapy, and help you understand the therapies use, so that we can incorporate similar kinds of activities into your child’s daily routine. In addition, we help connect parents to resources, support groups and community programs, so that you can become an informed advocate for your child!