Trial Date Set

The state will once again try to implement across the board rate cuts of up to 26 percent to the Medicaid pediatric therapy program in a trial set to begin April 26 in Austin.

Families and care providers for medically fragile children had successfully halted the state from implementing the cuts when a judge granted a temporary injunction last fall, ordering the state to “…refrain from taking any action or implement any change in reimbursement rates for physical, occupational, and speech therapy services from the date of the order until the date of a trial on January 18, 2016.”

The trial was postponed at the request of the state and the plaintiffs’ attempts to settle the case were not successful.

The state instead opted for a trial in a renewed effort to enforce the cuts.

While the temporary injunction has brought nine months of relief for patients, families, and therapy providers, the threat of massive rate cuts looms close once again as the trial date approaches.