Therapists want Medicaid cuts reevaluated

SAN ANTONIO- We are only two weeks away from a State budget cut that will affect thousands of children on Medicaid.

The Medicaid cuts have the potential to cut therapy sessions for thousands of children with disabilities in half or all together

It's another day of "play therapy" for Dina Delgado.

Using these toys during home therapy sessions for children with disabilities.

"These kids need help and that's the real issue," said Delgado.

But now Delgado says there's an even bigger issue that will affect thousands of disabled children in Texas.

"If cuts need to be made okay but these are really dramatic cuts," said Delgado.

On July 15th Texas will cut 350 million dollars in funding for therapy services for children with disabilities.

A cut state lawmakers voted for last year.

"A lot of these kids the services will completely stop. The cuts are so severe that they would not be eligible for therapy at all and all of a sudden families would be on their own," said State representative Diego Bernal.

Delgado says cutting therapy services just doesn't make any sense.

"That deficit is not going to close on its own its only going to get greater and bigger the older the kids get. The deficits, their special needs aren't just going to spontaneously, miraculously be removed," said Delgado.

Now she's hoping the funding cuts will be reevaluated so children can continue to get the amount of therapy services they need.

"It's our obligation to support these kids so they can have a fighting chance of becoming a functioning member of society," said Delgado.